Name: Comandante
Price: 9.00 6.30 USD



/Book, /Echest, /Nick (Change Colors, Not Characters), /Msg colors, Chat colors too! /Kit Sicario, /Kit Comandante


/Book Allows you to write your own book or journal. You can change the color of your name in game to anything you like.
3 SetHomes are available. Change any messages you send in chat to colorful ones if you choose.

/Kit Comandante;

1 Brew Sealing table, 2 Cauldron, 5 Red Berry, 3 Barrel, Flint+Steel. Full Iron Armor, Protection III, Unbreaking II.                         Iron Tool Set, Efficency V, Unbr II. The hoe also, has fortune II on itThis kit is available every 24 Hours.