Name: Police-Chief
Price: 27.00 18.90 USD



Able to use Clickable URL's in chat, /Compass, /Craft, /WorkBench, /Feed(8Hrs), Color and Format Signs, /Kit Sicario, /Kit Comandante, /Kit Lord, /Kit Police.


Send chat any URL you like (Within reason) and it will be clickable and all. Find your way home with /Compass! it will lead you to a bed, or your /home even. Feed yourself for free every 8 Hours, Completely design and configure signs of your pleasing, this includes colors and symbols. Access to a mobile workbench, with either /craft, or /workbench!

/Kit Police;

64 Netherack, Milk, 16 Potatoes, 16 Cacti, 8 brown Mushroom, 8 red mushroom, Flint+Steel, 16 Coco, 8 Sugar Cane.       Diamond Armor, Diamond Tools, Efficiency II unbreaking I. As well as fortune II on the hoe. Sharpness III, Unbreaking II diamond sword. This kit is available every 36 Hours