Name: Mayor
Price: 38.00 26.60 USD



/Disposal, /Nick format, /Nick RGB, /Kit Sicario, /Kit Comandante, /Kit Lord. /Kit Police, /Kit Mayor.


Able to dispose of items quickly with /disposal, Total of 5 set homes, Completely change your Nickname, this includes letters, symbols, and RGB lettering, which allows you use multiple colors with one word.

/Kit Mayor

32 Acacia logs, 32 Jungle logs, 16 Potato, Cow Egg, 24 Brown Mushroom, 24 Red Mushroom, 16 Cacti, 24 Sugar Cane, 32 Cocoa Beans. Diamond Armor, Protection IV, Unbreaking III. Diamond Tools, Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, Hoe also has Fortune III. Sharpness V, Unbreaking III Diamond Sword. This kit is available every 48 Hours.