Name: El-Presidente
Price: 60.00 42.00 USD



Access to all Warps, this includes all trial maps or anything we may be working on. /Broadcast, /Heal(8Hrs), /Near, /Repair, /Time set, /Kit Sicario, /Kit Comandante, /Kit Lord, /Kit Police, /Kit Mayor, /Kit Presidente.


7 Total Set homes! You will always have access too all the warps on the maps, regardless of what we're working on or hiding! You can broadcast anything you like (within reason), You can heal yourself in an instant every 8 hours. Change the time of day whenever you like, however you like. Repair whatever tools and weapons you desire once every 24 hours, see who is around you with /near, And have complete access to all Kits and commands offered by RedStoned MC.

/Kit Presidente;

32 Oak, 32 Birch, 32 Dark Oak, 32 Spruce, 32 Acacia, 32 Jungle Logs. 64 Netherack, 16 Barrels, 32 Cacti, 8 Cauldron, Flint+Steel, 2 Cow Egg, 16Egg, 32 Red Berry, 32 Blue Orchid, 32 Brown Mushroom, 32 Red Mushroom, 32 Cocoa Beans, 5 Bottle Sealers, 32 Sugar Cane, 32 Apple.                                                                                                                                                     Full Netherite Armor, Protection III, Unbreaking II, Boots also have feather falling III. Sharpness III, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect II Netherite Sword. Netherite Tools, Efficiency IV, Unbreaking I. The Hoe also has Fortune III. This Kit refreshes every 48 Hours